Hungarian PA-63 Pistol Trigger Pin, 9x18 Makarov or .380 ACP, Used

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Hungarian PA-63 pistol part, trigger pin, 9x18 Makarov or .380 ACP, used, original.

Hungarian PA-63 pistol part, trigger pin, 9x18 Makarov or .380 ACP, used, original.

Sold individually (as pictured).
These parts have been reclaimed from used PA-63 pistols.
They are original parts, and will work for either 9x18 Makarov or .380 ACP PA-63s.


The FÉG PA-63 is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by the FÉGARMY Arms Factory of Hungary.
FÉGARMY Arms Factory of Hungary started producing Walther PP/PPK clones in the late 1940s starting with their Model 48 which differed from the Walther PP only in minor details.
By the late 1950s FÉG began making broader changes resulting in the PA-63, which uses a 9x18mm Makarov round.
It quickly became standard issue to both Hungarian military and police forces.
Due to its popularity and relative durability FÉG later issued models using .32 ACP and .380 ACP caliber rounds.

PA-63s sold in the United States are often advertised as "PA-63 Makarov."
This can lead some consumers to believe they are purchasing a Makarov PM pistol instead of a different pistol chambered for the same 9x18mm Makarov caliber.
Though both pistols share lineage from the Walther PP/PPK, similar operating principles and use the same ammunition, the Makarov PM is a different design featuring all-steel construction and different lockwork.
There are no parts in common between the FÉG PA-63 and the Makarov PM.

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