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  • APEX Gun Parts was founded by collectors for collectors.
  • We treat every customer as we would want to be treated and we set the standard in the gun parts industry for customer service.
  • APEX Gun Parts, your first and best choice for all your gun parts needs!


For ten years, APEX Gun Parts has been the premier source for hard to find gun parts, parts kits, collectibles and accessories for the firearms enthusiast. We specialize in supplying parts to the firearms collector, enthusiast and to licensed manufacturers. We work diligently to locate rare and desirable lots of parts and accessories. We frequently are buying parts 20+ pallets at a time in order to secure the right deal. Our goal is to bring the most sought after parts to the consumer for the best possible value. Every shipment of used/surplus parts that we receive is handled, packed & shipped by our trained staff who ensure you have the best customer experience possible.

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