About Us


Armory Parts Exchange, Inc. aka: APEX Gun Parts has been in business since 2005.

Our mission is to supply at a good value replacement gun parts and “hard to find” unique parts for battlefield weapons to both Arms Collectors and Firearms Enthusiasts alike.

Since our beginning we have developed a wide following for our used and new gun parts, part kits and accessories. We set ourselves apart by offering quality products while providing outstanding customer service.

Please email our qualified Customer Service Specialists at [email protected], or call 719-481-2050 between the hours of M-F 9am-4pm M.T. with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

We do not have a retail store. Customers that would like to pick up their order during our normal business hours can call our Customer Service Specialists, place their order and arrange for a pick up time.

Thank you for choosing apexgunparts.com. Your source for “hard to find” gun parts, parts kits and accessories.