GSH-23 Twin-Barrel Aircraft Automatic Cannon Parts Kit, 23mm, *Very Good*

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Original Soviet made Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23 twin-barreled automatic aircraft cannon parts kit, 23x115mm, complete, USED in *Very Good* condition.

Sold as a parts set.

Keep those pesky enemy fighters off your wing with this autocannon!
The GSh-23 is a twin barreled, 23mm aircraft gun designed using the Gast Gun principle.
This solenoid fired cannon has no recoil springs, instead using the gas tapped from one barrel to cycle the other.
These cannons were commonly installed on Jet fighters as a ground attack and air defense weapon.
Here is a listing showing some of the aircraft that have the GSH-23 mounted: MiG-21, MiG-31, Su-24M, Tu-22, FBC-1 Flying Cougar
Helicopter gunship Mi-24VP (Mi-35VP), and the Mi-8. 

Kits are complete with torch cut receiver and barrels, with extra care taken to avoid critical parts.
The twin feeder arms and pawls are stiff, and may have very slight unwanted bends.
Some parts will have a heavy coat of protective grease on them and will require cleaning. 
May be missing some small parts.

These are GSh-23 cannons, not GSh-23L, and will not have any muzzle brakes.

This weapon was introduced in 1965.
Its operates on the so-called "Gast" principle which was invented in Germany during the First World War by Karl Gast at the Vorwerk company (today one of the leading producers of vacuum cleaners in Germany).
A "Gast" weapon has twin barrels and the recoil from the firing of one barrel reloads and fires the other barrel via a lever mechanism.
This system is simple, extremely reliable and makes possible compact lightweight weapons with a very high rate of fire (surpassed only by the much heavier and complicated guns with multiple rotating barrels).
Despite these advantages the GSh-23 series of cannons remains the only "Gast" gun built in large numbers.

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 GSH-23 Specs

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Uses 23mm x 115 Ammunition for AIRCRAFT GUN GSh-23L AND GSh-23LU:



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