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Romanian M63 AK-47 Part Set, 1964 Dated / Second Year Production, Non-Matched, *Good*

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Original 1964 dated Romanian M63 AKM parts kit with wood furniture, 7.62X39, used in *Good* condition.

Original 1964 dated Romanian M63 AKM parts kit with wood furniture, 7.62X39, non-matching, used in *Good* condition.

Sold as a set (as pictured).

Does it get any better? The perfect kit build!

These Veteran kits are complete less the stamped receiver and barrel.
The Romanians started manufacturing AKMs in 1963 and the first couple of years of production have unique differences when compared to the guns that came later.
These kits may still retain all or most of those early type metal parts, some being replaced in Romanian military service. 
These sets have been professionally dissassembled, and will not have rivets, receiver pieces, or torch cut barrel stubs.
These kits are checked at APEX to ensure they have the parts / pieces included with this kit.
The front trunnion will be dated 1964.
These part sets have had the barrel professionally removed.
The lower wooden handguard will have a palm swell or wooden foregrip and some kits have solid wood buttstocks.
These will have a muzzle nut or slant brake and have a wood or plastic pistol grip.
Parts kits have a worn finish, but the moving parts have little wear, this can be seen on the bolt face, and bolt carrier tail.
They have seen Military service and are in *Good* condition with all parts showing signs of use.

A standard AKM barrel & stamped AKM receiver will fit this part set.

We have barrels, bayonets, magazines, cleaning kits, pouches, US 922(r) compliance components and a full line of spare parts and accessories available for the Romanian AK. 

Parts must be inspected and tested by qualified and competent gunsmiths or armorers before use in a firearm.
Not all firearm parts are interchangeable; use of surplus parts without proper knowledge could cause a firearm to malfunction and cause property damage, injury or death.

These parts have been taken from fully automatic weapons, and no modifications have been made for semi-automatic.
Modification may be required to function correctly and safely in a semi-automatic rifle.


More Information
Weight 5.743000
Length (Dimension) 17
Height (Dimension) 10
Width (Dimension) 2
Stamped/Milled Stamped
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