Real Avid 1911 Smart Wrench, *NEW*

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1911 Smart Wrench, *NEW*, manufactured by Real Avid.

1911 Smart Wrench, *NEW*, manufactured by Real Avid.

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The 1911 Smart Wrench has brought a brand new experience to the time tested 1911 platform.
Taking down the 1911 with the cheapo plastic numbers that come with your 1911 is straight up frustrating.
The wrench is hard to get a grip on and when the barrel bushing finally comes off, the spring and plug go flying.
The 1911 Smart Wrench’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand while you remove the barrel bushing, and the strategically placed cavity catches the spring.
The 1911 Smart Wrench also removes the barrel bushing from the Officer’s and Government model of the 1911.

More Information
Weight 1.000000
Length (Dimension) 7.5
Height (Dimension) 1
Width (Dimension) 5.5
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Made in the USA
Condition New
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