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  • SAW / M249 / FN Minimi - 200 count M27 Links, 5.56X45, NATO, *Excellent*

SAW / M249 / FN Minimi - 200 count M27 Links, 5.56X45, NATO, *Excellent*

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200 count of M27 links for the M249 SAW and FN Minimi machine gun, 5.56mm, NATO, *Excellent* condition.

Sold as a pack of 200.

Feed your favorite light machine gun what it wants!
These M27 links had the previous nomenclature of Link, Cartridge, Metallic Belt, 5.56mm, M27.
Split link disintregrating belt design allows for completely customizable belt lengths.
A scaled-down version of the M13 link, these are commonly used in the FN Minimi and M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) light machine guns.
These links appear to never have never been cycled through a weapon.
Each bag of 200 count is checked prior to shipment.

NSN #1305-01-194-5729

These are sold and delivered as individual links, BEFORE linking together with live ammunition, YOU must understand and adhere to the magazine / feeding device size restrictions set forth by the individual states and/or localities in which YOU live.
ALWAYS consult your local laws and ordinances!!

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